My name is Jes and I am a self-taught artist from Brighton, England. I specialise in freehand pyrography and pointillism art, drawing inspiration from the natural world.

Originally trained in Animal Behaviour, I have worked as a zookeeper, animal behaviourist, and enrichment coordinator for a primate rehabilitation program in Mexico. Having studied animals in Africa, Poland, UK, and Latin America, I now aim to portray the emotional lives of animals through art.

I specialise in freehand pointillism pyrography , a laborious process whereby I  burn thousands of dots one by one to form complex images of animals. My preferred timber of choice is oak, a material renowned for it’s natural beauty and unwillingness to be tamed. Oak is a very difficult medium for precise pyrography requiring dedication and skilled craftsmanship. I source my materials locally, and produce as little waste as possible to make my artwork ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

My artwork is available on a commission basis and I currently have a wait time of 6 months for completed works. Please contact me for exhibition and purchase inquiries.




3 Seahorses-14